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Brief Profile
The existence of Myanmar traditional lacquer ware is dated back since 12 century A.D and until now widely spread out as cottage industries around Bagan area. Lacquerware works are classified into three different groups and specialized by 01. Shwe Zawa Yun (Real Gold leaf lacquerware) 02. Ka Nyit Yun (Incised lacquerware) 03. Thayoe Pan Yun (Relief molded lacquerware) As all these above mentioned works undergo several stages using bamboo or wood as a basic and are applied with lacquer at every stages, so it normally takes 3 to 6 months to get a good quality lacquerware. Therefore it is proudly stands out for its hand making quality. Golden Bagan Lacquerware Enterprise was founded in 1954 by U Tin Aye and until now producing only quality lacquerware products. U Tin Aye, father of Golden Bagan lacquerware has served as a head master at the Lacquerware Training School since 1956 to 1975 (now known as Lacquerware collage of Bagan). At the same time he managed to supervise the Golden Bagan Lacquerware Enterprise in order to up keep the quality and standard in producing only premium quality lacquerwares. Although he has since passed away, some of his outstanding works can still be seen at The Strand Hotel (Yangon) and Thiripyitsaya Hotel (Bagan) proudly presented as Myanmar traditional designs made of real gold leaf lacquerware.

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